Arms with electrical drives for handling pieces with precision and speed for installation on presses larger than pneumatic solutions.

GEVA hass the following electronical models:

Mod. BRM2
Automatic feeder GEVA BRM2 is a rotary feeder powered by an electric motor. It can be used on bigger presses that the feeders powered by pneumatic.
A special gear motor with a brake makes th emotion smooth and easy, able to handle heavier billets than the pneumatic feeders. Like the pneumatic feeders, GEVA BRE2 can be equipped with two different types of arms.
Two infrared detectors is used for check of the pieces loaded and unloaded.
A Siemens S7 PLC controls the entire installation and indicates possible warnings and failures.

Mod. 600L - 700L
Linear feeder suitable for pieces over 1,5 Kg. or for presses with a large area.
The moving part slides on two tempered and grounded guide bars  Ø 40-60 mm. on bearing bushes with a very long life and precision.
The forward and reverse movements are obtained by using a special self-braking motor. The other movements are pneumatically actuated.
A single/double/triple chain conveyor, orthogonal to the feeder, routes the billets into the fingers or unloads them into a collecting box, in case the loader stops or the correct signal is not given.
Two different  arms are available:
gripper arm type R feed finger rotation axis set in line to arm axis. I tloads the billet on the die either in horizontal position or with a 90° rotation in vertical postion;
gripper arm type F feed finger rotation axie sperpendicular to the press table it loads the billet on the die horizontally in any angles (this arm is most suitable for sub presses).
The entire installation is controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC with self diagnostic and information visualized on a display.


  • GEVA automation mod.BRM2 with unloading spoon.

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