Leader in metal forging automation since 1973

For more than 40 years, GEVA has contributed to the transformation of hot metal stamping technology with the study and implementation of specific automations.
Developed by an idea of ​cousins ​Vaccari Giuseppe and  Gennari Renato ​​in the early 70's, the two partners succeeded in combining the mechanical workshop activity and their studies, initially from a craft manufacturing, and after developing and consolidate the foundations of an industry intend to  support world-leading hot stamping brass leaders such as fittings productor, valves and  agriculture parts productors..
The experience gained with more than 1.500 installations in five continent, on presses of various types, brand and size, make GEVA a world leader in the sector and the ideal partner for the study and realization of automatic lines.
Over the last decade, GEVA has completed its range of products through the study and personalization of anthropomorphic robots usually accompanied also by sophisticated vision systems.

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