GEVA  with its 40 years experience has developed solutions usable and integrated for the hot forging of metal.

Infrared detectors

Detectors developed by GEVA permits checking of the pieces for loading and unloading in a hot forging press. 
Each detector has a metal casing that allows waterproofing from oil splashes.

In 2020 GEVA has developed the new series of temperature detector, you can find caracteristics below.

Mod. RT400 - Loading detector for alluminium, brass and steel.
The loading sensor GEVA RT400 detects an infrared rays emission from hot workpieces having a temperature higher than 400°C till 1.200°C..
When the workpiece enters the optical cone of the detector, the latter sends an electric impulse to the PLC, which records the workpiece presence and allows the automation to load the press dies. A potentiometer allows to set the sensor sensitivity (quantity of infrared radiation absorbed) depending on the workpiece temperature. When the knob is turned in a clockwise direction it increases the sensitivity of the sensor for detecting  low temperatures.
With the knob at minimum the temperature detected is about of 400°C, although with the knob at maximum the temperature detected is about 1.200°C.

Mod. RT200 - Unloading detector for brass/steel.
The unloading sensor GEVA RT200 detects an infrared rays emission from hot workpieces having a temperature higher than 450°C.
Unlike the load sensor, the unload sensor records an instantaneous emission of infrared rays within its optical cone. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for detecting the presence of the part on the unloading arm during rapid rotation.
The electric impulse sent to the PLC lasts about one second.
The structure of the sensor and the arrangement of the electric components inside it are similar to those of the load detector.
There is no knob for the temperature adjustion because has a temperature of detection fixed in our laboratory at about 200°C.



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