Anthropomorphic robot: robot capable of reproducing some of the characteristics of man, imitating distinctive features such as appearance and movements

Over the last decade, GEVA, starting from this definition,  has developed automatic lines using anthropomorphic robots such as Kuka and Fanuc, considered market leaders in their industry .
This turning was necessary to meet the increasingly demanding market for hot stamping and anthropomorphic robots with their multi-axis features have proven to be the solution where ease of adaptation to the most varied situations and / or production changes are essential.
GEVA has developed its fully programmable interfaces and panels, which make it easy to use and configurable not be reached by pneumatic and electro-pneumatic siumple solutions. 
In some configurations it is also possible to integrate lines with sophisticated vision systems that can command anthropomorphic robots for picking pieces from the oven or pre-forming station.
The robots we have installed have a large range: they start from the small loads of 3 kg. to 60-120 and 210 kg.

Since 2018 we become Kuka official system partner



  • Automated robotic cell - CNC machine feeding

  • Changing gripper station with anthromorphic robot

  • GEVA forging line for brass and alluminum with Kuka robot - 60 Kg payload

  • Hot brass forging line developed by GEVA with Kuka robot - 210 Kg. payload

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